sand maker

Usage and Application:

The Sand maker,PCl vertical impact crusher, is a high efficient aritificial sand maker,which is widely used for fine crushing and coarse grinding in mining, rocks, fireproof materials, glass raw material and metallurgy residues. This kind of sand crusher is much more professional than other crushers in crushing hard and anti-abrasion materials such as carborundum, sintered bauxite, magnesite and so on. 


1. Simple structure and low investment cost.

2. High efficiency and low consumption.

3. Less abrasion of impeller liner, convenient in maintenance.

4. Having the function of fine crushing and coarse grinding.

5. Slightly influenced by the moisture content of the material. The max moisture content is 8%.

6. Suitable for crushing materials of middle hardness and high hardness.

7. Cubic shaped finished products, high stack density, and low iron pollution.

8. Working noise <75db, and little dust pollution.

Working principle

The materials fall into the crusher and are divided into two parts. One part goes into the high-speed-running impeller of the machine, and the other part goes around the impeller. The two parts materials bump and crush fast during the effect of centrifugal force. Then the materials run like swirl, bump and rub to each other again and again. The finished products go out from the bottom of the machine, and users can get the requested products size after screening by vibrating screen.

Main Specifications

Impeller Speed
Max. Feeding size
PCL-600 2000-2600 30 12-30 2*30 5.6 2800*1500*2030
PCL-750 1500-2500 35 25-55 2*45 7.3 3300*1800*2440
PCL-900 1300-1700 40 50-80 2*55 12.1 3750*2120*2660
PCL-1050 1100-1450 45 70-120 2*110 16.5 4480*2450*2906
PCL-1250 950-1200 45 80-160 2*132 22 4563*2650*3176
PCL-1350 800-1200 50 120-220 2*160 26 5340*2940*3650

Note: Any Change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.